Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection 2016

Welcome back fellow beauty lovers!
I am so excited about this post because it is probably the most talked about, hyped, and exciting collection of 2016, and we still have 6 months left in the year. If you haven’t hear, please climb from up under that dark rock. The beauty community was buzzing with anticipation on the expansion of the Jaclyn Hill and Becca Champagne Pop from last year (which was very successful). The pre-launch proved to be a success, as well as the full launch in late May. There was a bit negative feedback, but will get to all the deets in just a sec.

For full details, my opinion, and swatches…just keep reading!



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New in Beauty: Summer Launches 2016 Haul Part 1

Let me first off say…. Hello! So I have been absent for about 4 months, ( shame on me). I was still dealing with a family member health issue and to be honest, I just took a very long break to get back into the swing of things and re-adjust to the way life was before. But more importantly, to relax. I have been absorbing content, both for pleasure and educational use and now motivated and determined to makes the second half of the year great!

So for my first post back, I want to talk about all of these beauty launches that have been insane these past 2-3 weeks. It seems as if every brand is launching a collection daily, and its both overwhelming and exciting. There is so many that I found myself inputing the dates in my calendar on my iPhone and set reminders. JUST THAT MANY! And as a true beauty hoarder, I have been into the hype and participating in jumping online once a collection drops and crashes sites. I’m not going to go into details on each product as I will spill the goods in their individual post this week.


So what did I happen to snag? Keep reading for the deets!



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Christmas Abbott’s BadAss Diet Experience + Results





I, like most people at the start of a new year, made many resolutions. One of which includes losing weight and getting healthier. I think one of the most important things about making these kind of decision, is to make it on your own terms and not based on what someone else is doing. Saying it is one thing but putting it into action is another. I have had success in the past at losing half of my goal but life happened and my journey was somewhat halted. Nevertheless, life is starting to return back to normal after several months, so it was the perfect time to jump back in the swing of things.

After making that decision is easy, but you have to carry out that decision. Decide what your goals are and start from there in planning how to meet them, The one strategy that works for everyone is eating healthier and cleaner, and exercise. Again, I’ve done this before and I know it works. You then need to decided on a eating plan and exercise program. In the past I ate better but not cleaner and exercised 4 to 5 days a week doing cardio.

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ColourPop Lippie Stix & Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

If you are a faithful YouTuber watcher of beauty videos or spend some free time reading beauty blogs then you’ve definitely heard of a newer company called ColourPop Cosmetics. A smaller company but get see they are quickly growing with the steadily release of products from lips, eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters, who knows what they’ll come out with next.
They first release their lip pencils and Lippie stix, in conjunction with the new trend at the time of matte lips. And they proved to be a hit and since has been creating products in whats trending and expanding.

As you can see, I like ColourPop, but their is one thing their doing that I don’t see even larger companies doing. When you search a product on the site, you will see swatches,but not just on lighter skintone, but on medium and darker as well. Now the deeper skintone is not really deep, however, I like that a company, and a relatively new, smaller brand put effort into considering that their consumers come in all shades, that there is something for everyone. And that means a lot to many of us that feel brands simply ignore many of their consumers.

Another plus for the company, price. With lip & eye products $5 and highlighters and blushes at $8, its hard to resist not placing an order. Thats’s just what I did, and since build up quite a lot of their lip products.


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My Signature Makeup Look + How to Create Your Own

I have been into makeup for a couple of years now, and I have definitely love having fun trying trends, the “hot new product”, and the like. As I have gotten older, I’ve noticed that my makeup routine has become more settled. Not that I still don’t like experimenting with a variety of looks, a testing out the latest products and trends but on a day to day basis, I opt for a particular look.

Just like fashion, you select clothing items that expresses your uniqueness and individuality. You choose based on personal find pleasing, shape, comfort, fabrics and colors, and most importantly, how it makes you feel, Confidence. People become familiar with your particular look. The same concept of developing a personal style is the similar how you approach creating a signature makeup look. Its about preference. Whether it be for bold lips or full brows trying the new trend, buying the latest product, I have experimented with my look.

So let share my personal look and the products I use to create it.



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My 2016 Resolutions!

Firstly….HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2015 was great to you. If not, refocus and I hope you have a blessed 2016!

Now, I’m not one to make resolutions because, 1) I usually don’t keep them, and 2) I don’t think anyone needs to wait for the new year to make a fresh start. If you make a decision to make a change, it should be right there in the moment. 

As I reflect back on 2015, it wasn’t a very memorable year or year of growth for me personally or professionally. But I have learned a lot of life lessons that I will carry forward into this year and beyond. With that being said, I wanted to share the changes a plan to make this year to make this year MY year!


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Sephora Christmas Wishlist!

I think that there is no surprise that I love makeup. And I love to experiment and  tryout different brands, especially higher end just to see it their really worth their heavy price tags.

So I have compiled a list from Sephora of the newer products from respected brands. I probably will what until after Christmas to my purchased so I can accumulate points for next year and retain my VIB Rouge status (yes, I spend that much on makeup).




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